Friday, November 12, 2010

Gooey Grilled PB&J

What kid (or adult for that matter!) doesn't like a nice, messy PB&J??  For the longest time I've kept this amazingly easy, essential meal away from my kids, because of all of the unhealthy-ness that goes along with them...until now!  In two of my previous blogs, I gave you some healthy bread and jam recipes...we'll be utilizing those to make these amazing sandwiches!  Ps-my sister gave me this idea...said her nanny kids LOVED when she made it!

You can either use the bread recipe from my previous blog, or your favorite whole grain bread.  (Keep in mind that the purpose of this sandwich is to give your kids the best nutrition from a fun make sure that the bread doesn't have any refined grains or white sugar).

-Spread one side of each piece with some coconut oil, flip them over, and spread the Acai Berry Jam (you can get the recipe from a previous blog post) on one side, and organic almond or sunbutter on the other (make sure you're getting "peanut butters" made without hydrogenated oils or sugars...and raw nuts are the absolute best)

-Press them together and grill in a panini maker, George Foreman Grill, or just in a saute pan until golden brown!

-Serve with a nice, big glass of unsweetened almond milk, a side of carrots or celery (with the Chocolate Banana PB Frosting Recipe mentioned in a previous blog), and a wet paper towel!

-Your kids are going to gobble up this warm, gooey, messy, HEALTHY sandwich, and never know that they're having something healthy for their bodies!!  Good work, Mom!!

-Note:  For a little extra fun...before grilling, get some fun shaped cookie cutters and cut the sandwiches into fun shapes, or letters to spell words...then grill!  Even the most skeptical eater can't resist a heart or dinosaur-shaped sandwich!!

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