Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mango Pineapple (Avocado) Frozen Yogurt

I am pretty sure I have died and gone to heaven!  Smooth, sweet, creamy, healthy, guilt-free...how many different desserts can you actually say that about?!  This little beauty is loaded with great digestive enzymes, probiotics, and healthy fats...so get your blenders ready, you're going to laugh at how simple this is!  Your kids will beg you for this every day (mine do) and I use it as a bribe to get them to eat extra veggies! (Suckers don't even know that their "dessert" is actually so healthy, I could give it to them as a main course!)  I won't tell your kids if you don't tell mine!!  Ok, here we go!

In a blender combine:

1 c. coconut yogurt (mine is homemade, so I know there are live, active bacteria in it...these are amazing for your digestive system/immune system!)  The SO Delicious brand is a super alternative!
1 c. chopped pineapple (pineapple is loaded with great digestive enzymes...bonus!)
1 c. pineapple juice
1/2 avocado (mine was really ripe...this is necessary for a super creamy texture...you'll seriously think you're eating ice cream!)
24 oz of frozen mango (I used 2 12 oz bags...the more you use, the more "frozen" it will be...so if you don't have quite that much, you'll get a runnier texture)

Throw everything into the blender and mix until you have a velvety smooth texture. 

*Note:  I have a Vitamix, there is a "tamper" used to keep pushing all the stuff into the blades.  If you have a regular blender (I've done it in one of these too)...it just takes a little more stopping and mixing everything to get it going.  You'll think it will never be able to handle it, but all of a sudden it'll come together and be perfect!

*Here's another note:  I've also put spinach in this too...it makes it a really fun green color, but doesn't affect the flavor!

Top with chia seeds and raw shredded coconut (as pictured), or with bananas, pineapple tidbits, and fresh berries!