Sunday, November 7, 2010

Asian Sesame Broccoli

My kids LOVE broccoli!  As a matter of fact, every person in my household loves broccoli...even just plain! (I know, we're strange!!)  Sometimes, though, I like to surprise them with a little something extra special!  This recipe is SUPER simple to make, and it's guaranteed to be a winner in your family! 

Take 1 bag of organic broccoli, and throw it in your steamer for 10-15 minutes (depending on how you like it done.)

-Note:  Yes, you need to steam it, rather than boil it or microwave it.  Steaming veggies actually preserves the most nutrients and enzymes of any of the cooking aside from eating it raw, this is the best way to get the BEST benefits from your veggies...always steam, NEVER boil!

-When the broccoli is done to your liking, put it in a container with a lid, and add:

1-2 T. low sodium soy sauce
2-3 T. sesame oil
1-2 t. sesame seeds

-cover with a lid and toss/shake until well coated...DONE!

-start with the lower portion, toss and taste...the goal is to not have too much sodium from the soy sauce.  So if you feel like it's lacking in some flavor, try another tablespoon of sesame oil before you add more soy sauce.

-to spice it up a bit, add 1 t. of crushed red chili flakes!

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