Thursday, February 17, 2011

Amazing Baked Doughnuts

So for our special mornings together, I try to do a fun breakfast to start the day off!  I think I've burned my kids out on pancakes and waffles...even if I make them into fun shapes...and cinnamon rolls aren't exactly something you can do last minute.  As I was walking through the store looking for inspiration, I came across a doughnut pan that you can bake the doughnuts in, rather than fry them!  I thought to myself, "I bet I could make these healthy and delicious" that became my project!  These doughnuts are made with whole wheat flour, aren't fried, don't use refined sugars, and are way lower in fat because we replace the eggs out of the recipe (not to mention...there is no frying!)  The texture is spongy, cakey, decadent, and delicious!!  We topped them with a homemade frosting made with xylitol rather than sugar, and tossed the other ones in a "powered sugar" made with xylitol!  You will never in a million years guess that these are healthier than regular doughnuts, and if you ask me, I think they taste better!

Preheat the oven to 425

In a bowl, sift together:

2 c. whole wheat cake flour (King Arthur's makes an amazing cake flour from whole wheat!)  I found this right in Meijer, in the baking aisle, but I bet if your grocery store doesn't carry it, you could find it in your health food store.
3/4 c. coconut palm sugar (I found this in my health food store...sucanat would also be a good replacement)
2 t. baking powder
1/4 t. nutmeg
1 t. sea salt
2 T. egg replace powder (I used the Bob's Red Mill brand)

-In a separate bowl make buttermilk:

3/4 c. + 4 T. unsweetened almond milk
1 T. lemon juice

-Let set a few minutes until curdled

-Add 2 T. melted vegan butter (Earth Balance Buttery Spread is to DIE for!) or coconut oil

-Mix all ingredients together until just careful not to over-mix, as this will effect how the dough will raise.

-Fill your greased doughnut tins until 2/3 full, and bake for 7-9 minutes.  You'll know when they are done when you touch them on the top, and they bounce back!

-When done, turn them out onto a cooling rack, and bake the rest of the dough...this recipe will make 12 total.

-To top them with chocolate frosting, just heat the frosting until runny, and dip the tops into it!  Press into chopped nuts if desired, or sprinkles!

-To toss in powdered sugar, melt some vegan butter or coconut oil in a shallow dish.  Roll the cooled doughnut into the melted butter or oil, and put in a tupperware container with xylitol powered sugar (I use the Ideal brand...which can be found in the baking aisle of Meijer...if you don't shop at Meijer, I'm sure your health food store will have something similar)...Put the lid of the tupperware container on, and toss until coated!

-Note:  add some cinnamon to the "powdered sugar" for another fun flavor!

-To make the chocolate frosting:  follow the instructions on the back of the Ideal brand "powdered sugar" (I'd cut the recipe in half, unless you want to have extra on hand for later use!)

*Just in case you're wondering what all the hype is over xylitol, here's some info on it to catch you up on this product!  Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that occurs naturally in some fruits, as well as birch bark.  It is a very low calorie sweetener, and has been said to be safe for diabetics, because of it's extremely low count on the glycemic index. (obviously check with your doctor to see if this applies to you, if you're a diabetic).  Xylitol has also been said to be great for your teeth, and if you look in many natural tooth pastes, mouth rinses, and gums, you'll find that this is used!  If you're still interested, google it...there's a lot of info out there!


  1. WOW, I cannot wait to make some homemade donuts!
    What store did you get the donut baking tin???

  2. i got the tin from meijer actually! over by the baking stuff! (sorry it took so long to's been crazy here adjusting to 3!!)